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Choose a Custom Engagement Ring That’s Right for You

Choosing diamond rings in Melbourne is not just about the cut and colour of the gemstone, nor the type of metal used for the band. You also have to make sure the ring flatters your individual personality and style. After all, owning an attention grabbing ring is good, but wearing one that enhances your charm and daily ensemble is even better.

When deciding what kind of ring suits you best, remember the process is much the same as when choosing the right clothes to complement your figure. Whether your finger is short, long, slender, or wide, you’ll surely find the perfect ring for you in ANTON’s extensive wedding rings collection. Our expert jewellers have poured countless hours into their craft in order to create lasting masterpieces of elegance, charm, and luxury.

To select your ring, first, consider the length and width of your finger against the shape and size of the main gemstone, as well as the width and style of the band itself. Don’t forget to look at your fingernails as well; longer nails make your finger look longer too, so it’s important to consider if you often trim them.

Are your fingers short?

If you have short fingers, choose a ring that gives the illusion of elongating their appearance. Oval-, pear-, or marquise-shaped stones help achieve this effect. You can also choose rectangular-shaped stones, but be mindful not to select one that’s large enough to be overwhelming, as that will defeat the purpose. For the band, choose a narrow style to help create the impression of longer, elegant fingers.

Are your fingers long?

Many custom engagement ring styles work well with long fingers. Princess-cut gems and round-shaped stones can look particularly flattering, especially when paired with a wider band to balance out the look. Large gemstones can also accentuate your finger quite nicely.

To ensure you get the gorgeous ring you deserve, contact ANTON Jewellery today. We offer custom engagement rings in Melbourne, each designed and crafted specifically to suit you and your personal preferences.

As renowned and respected purveyors of the finest jewellery, we take pride in the brilliance of our pieces and the quality of our customer service. Visit our jewellery stores in Doncaster and Chadstone to peruse our diamond ring collection and other luxury pieces in person.

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